Monday, 24 February 2014

Marc Jacobs Dot

I think I'm addicted to perfume like most girls I guess and men with their aftershaves.  I'm so bad I even stick perfume on when going to the gym that's sad I know.

I do own quite a few perfumes I stick to a few that are my faves but I love trying different ones.

It's was only last year I smelt any Marc Jacobs perfumes. Known for their stunning bottles I hoped the smell would be as nice as 
the bottles. 

The one I'm liking at the moment is Dot.  The bottle is unique with beautiful ladybirds on. Red and black gorgeous.  
Looks abs fab on a chest of drawers and is very girly.

The smell is fruity and uplifting: 
Wearability doesn't last all day but haven't yet found one that does.

Laura xx