Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nivea Hawaiian Bliss & Waterlilly & Oil Shower Gels

A brand that's been around for years is Nivea 
noticed whilst shopping the other day that 
there were new shower gels out from them.
So I picked up two the Hawaiian Bliss and the Waterlily & Oil. 
Both of the shower gels have oil in so I guessed that these would provide more moisture for the skin.

The green one the Hawaiian has more of a manly smell to it: so my boys have been using this one.  I found the shower gel to be actually lovely and left the boys skin smelling nice and found the shower gel not to be drying.

The pink one the Waterlily is a girly one I suppose being pink may have given that one away.  All I can say is it smells pretty and girly I know that's not a smell but that's my only way to describe it. I loved it nourished my skin left it smelling lovely and the oil I think in the shower gel has helped my really dry legs.

I like these my only gripe they don't last too minutes with the amount of showering that goes on.
Please make them bigger!!!

Laura xx