Saturday, 15 February 2014

Perfectly Pure Pure Coconut Oil


I'm always on the quest to find a new hair moisturiser or skin moisturiser and I have ones that I use that would always hold a place in my bathroom, but I still love trying new things.  Who doesn't? 

To cut a story short one of my friends friends asked me had I ever tried Coconut Oil as a moisturiser.  I thought the closest I get to Coconut Oil is in my Bounty's, but I do like products with Coconut in as I LOVE the smell.

I've never been into Holland&Barrett before as to me it's all vitamins health and products you take if you go to the gym.  I can see me being a big fan soon as I've started the gym but up to now a bit to healthy,  
Anyway I bought a jar of Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil costing £15.49 which I didn't think was too bad considering the jar is a tidy size. 

Opening the jar you can see its like a solid lump of coconut, for many uses.  What can you use it for?  
Cooking, allsorts but for my uses: they consist of using it to shave my legs, and as a deep hair moisturiser.

You rub the coconut oil between your palms and it turns to liquid so you massage it into lengths and ends of your hair tie it up then wash out later: results are amazing.
If you use it to shave your legs rub it into your skin then shave AMAZING, and as a general moisturiser brill.  
So many uses from this jar.

Laura xxx