Wednesday, 19 February 2014

YSL Flower Crush Palette Review

This spring & summer has been amazing for makeup releases.  I've tried to narrow down my favourites as I've liked so many this year. If money was no object I'm quite sure I would have bought loads but I've just stuck to buying what I loved and knew I would use.

I really like YSL their makeup is generally really good and yes packaging is a bit special to.
I decided to buy the Flower Crush Palette after seeing it on 
ReallyRee's page and I loved the look of it.  Anything with a bit of sparkle and generally I'm loving it.
So how does it look and what can you do with it?
Well it's a subtle pinky glow with sparkles of gold glitter in it.  I generally wear foundation everyday and I wear Dior nude foundation and put the blush over the top.  In terms of colour (for me) there wasn't much,  you get a good glow but you do get quite a lot of glitter type particles on your face, so if your not a fan of that this is not for you.  
I really like it but as a highlighter, I need some colour on my face, but with a tan this would be extra amazing, I'm glad I got it.

Have you tried it?