Sunday, 20 April 2014

Birthday Wishlist Part 2

Hey guys yet another birthday Wishlist this
one is a bit scaled down, what girl wouldn't include makeup on their list, not many I don't think.

So what have I put on mine, well there's a handbag first from riverisland probably one of my fav places to buy a bag from.  I would feel super stylish with this one.

Next following with my obsession with Chanel makeup it's the new healthy glow powder it's not out yet but I really want this, so pretty for summer.

A girl can't have enough nail polishes and another brand that always keeps me interested is essie I liked the mint apple candy one, really liking the mint look on nails at the moment.

And lastly love ysl makeup to: I like the Volupte shine ones I'd love any colour in these all so wearable.

Laura x