Saturday, 19 April 2014

Clothes I simply cannot live without

Rare London are currently running a competition to win £200.00 to spend on their website all you have to do is share an item of clothing you simply cannot live without.

Ok so I was tagged by the gorgeous Laura from so here's mine.

This was me over a decade ago: so I say I can't live without it, I wouldn't wear it now and don't even have it, but for me it holds so much good memories.

I bought it from and back then to me it was expensive.  I was a baby pink colour with sequins running down it.  Cut on the bias it was so flattering::::

Why did I love it so much::: i had the most fun ever wearing that dress: I felt a million dollars even if I didn't look it, I felt it plus I was the happiest I've ever been, to cut a long story short I was 27 years old: healthy happy and this was the start of my new life away from the turmoil I had escaped from, I vowed from then on in I would never look back and to me that dress is always that happy memory.

So Rare London I'd love to feel like that again and my fortieth birthday is at the end of April so being an older version of this is not all bad.

Laura xx