Monday, 7 April 2014

Loving Primark Coral Shoes

I'm loving all the citrus colours around at the moment: the bright yellows,pinks,oranges and corals really brighten up an outfit or your mood.

I'm going to London soon for my birthday and wearing a grey dress so I was desperate for a colour to brighten my outfit up so it didn't look drab.

I thought coral was the way to go nice and bright, I've been looking for shoes for a few weeks now and not found anything, but after nosing through EBAY recently I found these coral high heels from Primark.  I had to have them, think they were around £12.00 and I have to be honest I love them.
You get so many amazing things in Primark but it's not for the  quick shopper you have to have the patience and time to sift through the racks because you will find a bargain if you look.

So dress and shoes and nail colour sorted I just need my clutch bag now which I want a coral one.
If anyone sees a nice one give me a shout!!!

Laura x