Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Birthday (40th) Wishlist Highend

Well my birthday is coming I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime for it but it here in just over a week and a half: I haven't had the chance before to celebrate my milestone birthdays I.e my 18th or 21st so my 40th to me is huge.
I don't feel 40 and I know I don't act it so I attend to party like I'm 21 ha ha.

So all my friends etc have been asking me what I want I don't really think I'm too difficult to buy for, but if I was asked to compile a high end list it would include some of the items as above.

I love Ted Baker and I've already been lucky in that I've had an early present of a bag, I love the purses especially the ones with the bows on how cute. Any colour I'm not fussy.

I love victorRolf flower bomb perfume to: the smell is amazing: it's not the cheapest perfume around so that's why it's in my high end list.  It's one of those special occasion perfumes.

And last but not least the gorgeous thomassabo I wouldn't be fussy whatever you get from there is stunning but the necklaces are something else. This would be something I would be scared to take off my neck. It's a classy piece.

What do you think of my list guys

Laura x