Saturday, 26 April 2014

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation: My Thoughts !!

I'm normally one of the first to jump on a "cult 
product" or a bloggers fav, but with the NARS
Sheer Glow I held back I don't know why but I did.
But I've finally given in, I read loads of posts on it first but you never know what something's like really unless you try it yourself. 
I looked at all the shades on the NARS website to see what would be my closest, I have to be honest the shade choice is really really good in that you get the shades put into:: lights,medium and dark.

As I was buying from off the internet and not trying it out I was a bit scared I would chose wrong and end up having to take the foundation back to Nars: 
So after "hours" of searching and looking at swatches I finally decided on Santa Fe, this colour is in the medium bracket. 
I do really like the fact there are shades for porcelain skin and for dark skin that what we want.

Anyway the foundation came today, disappointing there is no pump with it and you literally have to open the lid and put some on your hand, you can order a pump separately online, the bottle is glass so might be a pain when you travel but you could always pour some in a little travel bottle.
And my picture above is nearly a bare selfie (yuck) apart from the eyelashes and foundation that's me bare!!

But I did like the look of the foundation on my skin: and believe me being 40 in three days I need all the help around ahhhhh.

Laura x