Monday, 21 April 2014

Percy & Reed No Oil Oil

Ok so no oil oil that doesn't even sound right does it?

So what is it you ask? Well basically for me 
it's my new found life saviour.

I love everything I've tried from Percyandreed. So far so good. This is as the title describes oil for the hair without the oil.

I have really really fine hair but a lot of it so anything I stick in it weighs it down and makes it feel gross, flat lifeless and in need of a good wash.

I picked this up from beautybay and thought I would try it.

After I washed my hair I put a pump of it in my palm and then worked through my hair and dried as usual. 

My verdict is it's amazing left my hair soft shiny and manageable would I buy it again I certainly will be.

What oils do you like?

And have you tried this one?

Laura x