Friday, 30 May 2014

Clinique Dark Spot Defense Review

Hey guys hope you are all well, I've got bit of a bug at the minute so feeling a bit sorry for myself but on the plus it's doing wonders for my weight loss which is surprisingly going well.
It's also a good time to start writing up some reviews of things that I've been trying out lately.
I bought the Clinique Dark Spot Defense after reading about it on one of my fav bloggers posts by Adrienne from thesundaygirl she had raved about it. I trust her opinions as she's honest but obviously I have my own opinion and needed to give it a go myself.

So I ordered it, Clinique's packaging is clean and not to fussy.  The cream is in a white tube with the silver lid. Which is in a 30ml size. 

So what is the purpose of a tube of a dark spot defense.  
Well in my books a huge purpose, the cream is SPF: 45, so in sun protection terms very 
high.  Basically exposing your skin 
unprotected can cause your skin to come out in dark spots especially as your skin ages and 
can make you look older than you are.

People often neglect their face and skin whilst they are home, and just stick the sun cream on when they go abroad, but the key is now to stick an SPF on daily.
So I've been doing this now and feel better for it.  The tube has a nozzle at the top to squeeze the cream out which looks a little like a tinted moisturiser, you shake well and squeeze some onto your hand.
I blend into my face, this cream is so lightweight it soaks in really quickly and disappears, I then apply my normal makeup.
The best thing about this is that my face didn't feel caked or blocked with product it's a must, if you haven't got it I suggest getting it.

Do you use an SPF daily?

Laura xx