Monday, 5 May 2014

Funk Up Your Hair::: Fudge Iced Coconut Hair Spray

Hey beauts hope you are all ok, I've been on a bit of a quest to find products to give my hair some volume.  I'm stuck with that dreadful fine hair that does nothing but sits on my head and looks horrible.

The trouble is there is a lot of it considering its fine but it's a disaster.  I know you guys with thick hair will say I hate thick hair and it takes ages to dry etc.  what can we do eh?

Anyway on that quest I picked up the Fudge. Iced coconut cocktail hairspray. 
Does it help with volume then?

Well it promises 48 hour hold, does it do that? 
Well I trialled it on my hair with as much volume as I could get in my hair and sprayed it quite far away from my head,  the smell is gorgeous as described a light coconut smell: lovely, kept my hair in place all night, although my hair did feel a bit product thick by that I mean a bit unmoveable, but if it meant my hair looked good I wouldn't/didn't care about this.
I also used this on a sleek hairstyle so no volume in their I made sure I sprayed it really lightly:: I liked this, 
Would I buy this product again: yes as long as I get the spraying element right, 

Have you tried this?

Laura x