Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunday Chilling With Yankee Candles

Nothing beats a Sunday morning especially when the suns out, and a bit of chilling out on a sunday is good to.
I think people normally would associate lighting candles or tea lights with cold chilly dark nights but I don't think you need to wait for those nights you can light a candle whenever you want.

I stick Kiss Fm on light my tea lights and then do some cleaning in between sipping some herbal tea.  No I'm no health freak but I'm trying ha ha.

I'm loving the Margarita Time tea lights at the minute, the only trouble is smells so nice that I'm not sure whether I want to eat or drink them, I can imagine sitting on a balcony in New York with these lit, I've got a vivid imagination.
So this is my sunday mornings what's yours?