Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thomas Sabo Beaded Charm Bracelet

I recently had my birthday and I had kind of 
said quite a few times (loads actually) about my love of ThomasSabo I did kind of say that I loved nearly all of it hint hint.

This is not a sponsored post or anything I'm just sharing my love of all things glittery and pretty. 

My friend bought me the bracelet on my post today as my keepsake. 
Apparently this range is new in and my friend thought I would like it.  And she was so right.

The bracelet is a lovely pink cream and black colour and she bought me a charm to go on it which is an L for my initial. There's space for three charms altogether, so I've got space for two more YIPEE.

So I was a lucky girl in sure you would agree, I think come payday I may venture to get the Karma Beads that ThomasSabo have brought out .  

Have you had any nice keepsakes?