Saturday, 28 June 2014

Clinque*Moisture Surge a Overnight Mask Review

Hey guys after my recent experience with a product that played havoc with my skin, I've been really trying my best to get my skin back to normal and in a good state again.

The lovely people at Clinique sent me the 
Moisture Surge Overnight mask.  I'm a big fan 
of masks and think they are essential in maintaining and keeping your skin glowing.

I've been using this mask for just over two weeks but after my skin issue I've used it every night. I put the mask on my face usually after I've had a bath and thoroughly cleansed my face. I find masks work better when your skins warm and the steam from your bath opens your pores so products react better like this.
I think I have an issue with piling too much of this on my face I keep layering on which I don't think you need to do.

So this mask is amazing: anyone who reads my blogs will be aware I'm very honest and even if I have been sent something I will review honestly.  Would I buy this product again when I've used it up I've already got it on my list for when it's gone.
I love it....

Do you like masks??

Laura xx

*sent for consideration for review.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

When The Kids Start Growing Up

I love blogging and I know I mainly write about beauty skincare fashion blah blah but the ultimate things in my life are my children. Before I had them I was the full on party girl
and actually couldn't understand the "thing" 
about having kids until I had my own. 

This is my littlest who incidentally is 6 tomorrow, it's making me reflect that they grow up so quick so spend as much time with them as you can.

I'm the first to say it's not all amazing being a parent it's stressful tiring and very expensive. But the love you feel is worth anything that's thrown your way. 

I'm glad I waiting till I was quite a bit older to having my first child I was 28 and now a days that's considered quite old but by then I was a lot more clued in than I was to say at 19.  Not that there's anything wrong with having a child younger there's not but for me it wouldn't have been right.

So here's an little introduction to my naughtiest little devil Rylee who's my little angel at the same time.  Full of mischief but does it with a grin on his face what more could I want. 

Laura x

Monday, 23 June 2014

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tanning Mousse

Cocoa Brown was created by Marissa Carter whilst she was on maternity leave how's that 
for business minded. 
It's proved to be a massive success in Ireland and is taking the UK by storm to.

I haven't done before and after pics with this but I hope you trust me.  This self tan is amazing.  The packaging is girly and eye catching in its hot pink bottle.

I have the one hour tanning mousse: normally I find some tanning mousses to drip or be runny but this hasn't been.

Does it smell gross like dog biscuits? Yay no it doesn't it actually smells pretty ok. 
And I find using a tanning mitt the way to go, and in terms of application the mousse runs into your skin lovely.

With all self tanners exfoliate and moisturise before using: I get a good 5 days worth of colour with this and then I exfoliate and start again.

In my humble opinion a fab tan with an even fabber price tag.

Laura x

Saturday, 21 June 2014


We all have busy life's so finding time to chill 

out is not easy, so when I do get the time to I 
light some candles and take myself up to bed early yes I know (saddo) and I take a couple of magazines up with me.

I take ages choosing magazines nearly as long as choosing clothes.  So what do you look for in a magazine, are you swayed by who's on the cover? The content? What freebies are on the front? 
Well for me a culmination of all of those things.

This month has been particularly good on the magazine freebie front. I bought Marie Claire and Instyle Magazine which had a hot cloth cleanser from Ren which is lovely very similar to Liz Earle.  And a two pack of mini nail varnish from Ciate. I chose the lilac colours and you could chose different colours from the magazines.

I love seeing what surprises are in the mags to this time there were shampoo samples and a clarins hydrating tinted moisturiser.

Little things eh guys little things.

Laura xx

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mastering The School Morning Routine, Perfectly

Mastering the School Morning Routine, Perfectly

If you’ve got school age children, you’ll likely agree that the morning routine can be a real challenge. If you do happen to be organised and get out of the door on time, every time, you’re probably in the minority! Whether it’s the youngsters needing our help to get ready, or it’s trying to chivvy the teens into getting out of bed, as parents we have to be on the ball all the time if we want our kids to get to school as the bell rings.
It can take a long time to master the morning routine so that it works for everybody. In fact, a lot of the time, getting the kids to school on time is more luck than anything else. However, with these fantastic tips, you have every chance of being an organised morning maestro!
Get the school uniform ready the night before
Stock up on great value school uniformGreat Value School uniform  so that they have everything they need, and then make sure that it is ready to go the night before. Pop it on the back of their chair in their bedroom, nice and neat, so that when they roll out of bed in the morning they can just sling it on. Ensure that everything is there, right down to their underwear, socks and vest.
In fact, get everything else ready the night before too!
Book bags, school bags, PE kits – you name it, make sure it’s all ready to go the night before so that you’re not running around in the morning trying to gather everything together like a mad woman. Afamily wall planner will help you to see what they need on specific days. You could even put toothpaste on their toothbrushes ready if you wish, although that may be one step too far!
Prepare lunches in advance
If your kids enjoy a packed lunch, prep them in advance. You can freeze most things in sandwich form, such as ham, chicken and cream cheese. Avoid adding mayo, salad or cucumber to the sandwiches, but everything else is freezable. Make up a week’s worth of sandwiches, pop them into sandwich bags and freeze them until the morning that you need them. Then all you have to do is add them to their lunch bag with whatever else they want, taking up much less of your valuable morning time. Plus the food will be nice and cool at lunchtime.
Get up before they do
Getting ready at the same time as the kids makes the morning routine even more stressful. How are you supposed to do your make up, or brush your hair, when you’re trying to ensure the children are getting ready at a suitable pace? Put your alarm on 20 minutes earlier, so that you can get ready in peace before they stir. You may even be able to grab a quick brew!
Give reminders
Don’t expect them to do everything without any cues. They will forget to brush their teeth sometimes 

if you don’t remind them. Let them do things independently, but remind them with “have you brushed your teeth?” and then a few minutes later, just a one word directive – “teeth!” – will do the trick.

Take the morning in your stride and eliminate as much stress as possible by preparing things in advance and you and your kids will have a pleasant, smooth and hassle-free school routine down to a T in no time.

I'm totally with most of this apart from putting the toothpaste on the toothbrushes the night before I wouldn't do this, but nether the less great tips as I'm always running round brushing my hair applying lipgloss whilst grabbing school bags
Does anyone else find getting out in the morning stressful?

This is a sponsored post but emulates my life exactly so I'm happy to do it,

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

YSL Forever Light Creator Serum Review

I love blogging and testing new products and samples.

And nearly 99% of the time I get fab results but some times something won't work for you and may react with your skin.
This is not to put you off from using it or buying it because I know from other reviews and blogs the yslbeauty Forever Light Creator
 Serum works for loads of people but clearly hasn't for me.

When this product launched the lovely counter assistant at YSL gave me loads of samples and I used one then and it made my skin a bit red but I thought that was done to the acids working in the product.  So I decided to give it ago a second time.  And I woke up like this.
I've got a really red itchy sore face.

I'm not going to slate or slag off the product because I genuinely love YSL and think that would be wrong, all I'm highlighting is that not every product on the market is for you no matter how budget or expensive if ingredients don't like your skin it will react.

Thanks for reading:

Have you tried any products that haven't worked for you?

Laura x

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Nothing cheers us girlies up more than a trip to have our nails done.
In fairness I think I can play it safe in lots of respects clothes wise but with my nails I do like every colour.

There's still loads of pastels doing the rounds and I've wanted a nice mint colour so I saw this one on EBAY and grabbed it.  This is 
MacCosmetics Mischievous Mint a perfect mint colour not too pale and not too bright.

In my own little eyes perfect, I've got two coats on my nails and a top coat.

I feel all nice and summery!

What colour nails do you like?

Laura xx

Saturday, 14 June 2014

How To Wear Stripes

How To Wear Stripes

Morgan print top
$76 -

White Stuff blue jacket
$120 -

White Stuff white vest
$55 -

Reiss skirt

Hobbs palazzo pants
$140 -

Dash twill pants
$42 -

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


A random picture you may think after all who does "tube selfies" well we did and the reason I've put this on is I've got eyelash extensions on in this pic. 
I'm the ginger haired one 

I've decided to post about Eyelash Extensions as I had them done to go to London as I figured it would be better than false eyelashes.

When I had them done I couldn't believe how 

awake I looked with my new fluttering lashes.

As the weekend went on I felt the urge to rub my eyes really badly but I didn't as I wanted to keep my lashes intact.
You may see from the picture that my eyes are quite bloodshot eeek.
So what would I say where the pros & cons well a clear one is you don't need to add mascara, you don't need false eyelashes, if you are going somewhere special these are amazing.

The cons (this is my experience and you might not have any of these issues)
Plus I would add my findings where nothing to do with the salon that put them in.
For me I experienced itchy sore eyes, bloodshot eyes, irritation to the glue and for me now they are off my original eyelashes are virtually non existent. 

Do I regret having them not really but I just hope mine grow back 

Have you tried anything that's gone a bit wrong?

Laura x

Saturday, 7 June 2014


When it comes to Fathers Day it can be quite a nightmare sometimes to buy for the husband dad boyfriend in your life.  So I've selected a few things that make the fuss pot in your life be happy opening something Fathers Day morning.

First I put a StormWatches watch on the blog. I have liked a storm watches for years and I do think they are really trendy and different.  I know watches are sometimes a personal 
choice but if you fancied something a bit 
different this range would be a perfect choice.

Next I put a cleansing range that us ladies seem to not get enough of.  The people at LizEarle have put together a selection for the men. Their award winning Cleanse and Polish is available for men.  Comes in brown packaging as opposed to the ladies light green, so will look manly in the mens wash bags. 
This would be a fab buy for any man who likes to take care of their skin.

Thirdly is a wallet men do need these they carry around just as many cards and bits as 
us ladies, but not normally ones for carrying round coins a wallet is perfect as a gift and I liked the Ralph Lauren one available from Asos.

Lastly socks may seem a boring choice but seeing men in scrapy holey socks is never good so i picked these funky ones from next.
With little pics of hounds on I thought these were so nice.

What do you think?
Has this helped you in anyway?

Laura x

Thursday, 5 June 2014


I've had my eyes on the Clinique Cheek Pops for months. I'm a massive lover of blushers, being a pale girl I have to have a bit of colour on the cheeks or I look too washed out.

Normally I try and do a bit of contouring on my face with some bronzer highlighter and blusher, but my face is holding a bit of extra weight so it's not looking that contoured. But one day hopefully it will.

So the lovely people at Clinique sent me a Cheek Pop in the colour Berry Pop. The blusher is almost to pretty to use. In a c-thru case you can see the colour first and the blusher looks like a pretty flower.  I use either a stippling brush to apply or with my fingers. You don't need a lot the colour pay off is fab.

And sorry for the miserable picture but this is my face after a full day of work: pretty impressive eh it's lasted and didn't slip off. 

The other colours in this range are:
Ginger Pop
Peach Pop
Plum Pop
And the above Berry Pop

Do I want the other colours I'm hooked so yes I certainly do.

What do you think?


*PR sample sent for consideration for review. 

Monday, 2 June 2014


I'm always on Twitter and luckily so as most of my opportunities come from there. I saw a shout out from Escentual for bloggers to try out a new product.  My hand was in the air before I could breathe well my finger was typing a reply.
The brand was Eucerin had I heard of this 

brand before? No! But I've bought loads of 
things from Escentual before so knew it would be something I could trust.

Before the product arrived I did know I would receive a cleanser for troubled skin (spots & acne) so yet another beaut to try out on my daughter. 

You can see from my last picture the cleanser is clear, you wet your face first and then massage the cleanser into your skin which then froths up a bit. The cleanser is soap free and has anti bac ingredients in so helps keep the skin clear and clean.

On using it for two weeks on my daughter I've noticed that her skin is much cleaner looking and a bit clearer, her forehead spots have reduced, she's still having breakouts on her chin but I think she would no matter what she used:  myself and my daughter agree that she will keep using this as it's very good and hygienic for the skin.

Do you love brands you haven't tried before? 

Laura x