Monday, 23 June 2014

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tanning Mousse

Cocoa Brown was created by Marissa Carter whilst she was on maternity leave how's that 
for business minded. 
It's proved to be a massive success in Ireland and is taking the UK by storm to.

I haven't done before and after pics with this but I hope you trust me.  This self tan is amazing.  The packaging is girly and eye catching in its hot pink bottle.

I have the one hour tanning mousse: normally I find some tanning mousses to drip or be runny but this hasn't been.

Does it smell gross like dog biscuits? Yay no it doesn't it actually smells pretty ok. 
And I find using a tanning mitt the way to go, and in terms of application the mousse runs into your skin lovely.

With all self tanners exfoliate and moisturise before using: I get a good 5 days worth of colour with this and then I exfoliate and start again.

In my humble opinion a fab tan with an even fabber price tag.

Laura x