Monday, 2 June 2014


I'm always on Twitter and luckily so as most of my opportunities come from there. I saw a shout out from Escentual for bloggers to try out a new product.  My hand was in the air before I could breathe well my finger was typing a reply.
The brand was Eucerin had I heard of this 

brand before? No! But I've bought loads of 
things from Escentual before so knew it would be something I could trust.

Before the product arrived I did know I would receive a cleanser for troubled skin (spots & acne) so yet another beaut to try out on my daughter. 

You can see from my last picture the cleanser is clear, you wet your face first and then massage the cleanser into your skin which then froths up a bit. The cleanser is soap free and has anti bac ingredients in so helps keep the skin clear and clean.

On using it for two weeks on my daughter I've noticed that her skin is much cleaner looking and a bit clearer, her forehead spots have reduced, she's still having breakouts on her chin but I think she would no matter what she used:  myself and my daughter agree that she will keep using this as it's very good and hygienic for the skin.

Do you love brands you haven't tried before? 

Laura x