Wednesday, 11 June 2014


A random picture you may think after all who does "tube selfies" well we did and the reason I've put this on is I've got eyelash extensions on in this pic. 
I'm the ginger haired one 

I've decided to post about Eyelash Extensions as I had them done to go to London as I figured it would be better than false eyelashes.

When I had them done I couldn't believe how 

awake I looked with my new fluttering lashes.

As the weekend went on I felt the urge to rub my eyes really badly but I didn't as I wanted to keep my lashes intact.
You may see from the picture that my eyes are quite bloodshot eeek.
So what would I say where the pros & cons well a clear one is you don't need to add mascara, you don't need false eyelashes, if you are going somewhere special these are amazing.

The cons (this is my experience and you might not have any of these issues)
Plus I would add my findings where nothing to do with the salon that put them in.
For me I experienced itchy sore eyes, bloodshot eyes, irritation to the glue and for me now they are off my original eyelashes are virtually non existent. 

Do I regret having them not really but I just hope mine grow back 

Have you tried anything that's gone a bit wrong?

Laura x