Saturday, 21 June 2014


We all have busy life's so finding time to chill 

out is not easy, so when I do get the time to I 
light some candles and take myself up to bed early yes I know (saddo) and I take a couple of magazines up with me.

I take ages choosing magazines nearly as long as choosing clothes.  So what do you look for in a magazine, are you swayed by who's on the cover? The content? What freebies are on the front? 
Well for me a culmination of all of those things.

This month has been particularly good on the magazine freebie front. I bought Marie Claire and Instyle Magazine which had a hot cloth cleanser from Ren which is lovely very similar to Liz Earle.  And a two pack of mini nail varnish from Ciate. I chose the lilac colours and you could chose different colours from the magazines.

I love seeing what surprises are in the mags to this time there were shampoo samples and a clarins hydrating tinted moisturiser.

Little things eh guys little things.

Laura xx