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Mastering The School Morning Routine, Perfectly

Mastering the School Morning Routine, Perfectly

If you’ve got school age children, you’ll likely agree that the morning routine can be a real challenge. If you do happen to be organised and get out of the door on time, every time, you’re probably in the minority! Whether it’s the youngsters needing our help to get ready, or it’s trying to chivvy the teens into getting out of bed, as parents we have to be on the ball all the time if we want our kids to get to school as the bell rings.
It can take a long time to master the morning routine so that it works for everybody. In fact, a lot of the time, getting the kids to school on time is more luck than anything else. However, with these fantastic tips, you have every chance of being an organised morning maestro!
Get the school uniform ready the night before
Stock up on great value school uniformGreat Value School uniform  so that they have everything they need, and then make sure that it is ready to go the night before. Pop it on the back of their chair in their bedroom, nice and neat, so that when they roll out of bed in the morning they can just sling it on. Ensure that everything is there, right down to their underwear, socks and vest.
In fact, get everything else ready the night before too!
Book bags, school bags, PE kits – you name it, make sure it’s all ready to go the night before so that you’re not running around in the morning trying to gather everything together like a mad woman. Afamily wall planner will help you to see what they need on specific days. You could even put toothpaste on their toothbrushes ready if you wish, although that may be one step too far!
Prepare lunches in advance
If your kids enjoy a packed lunch, prep them in advance. You can freeze most things in sandwich form, such as ham, chicken and cream cheese. Avoid adding mayo, salad or cucumber to the sandwiches, but everything else is freezable. Make up a week’s worth of sandwiches, pop them into sandwich bags and freeze them until the morning that you need them. Then all you have to do is add them to their lunch bag with whatever else they want, taking up much less of your valuable morning time. Plus the food will be nice and cool at lunchtime.
Get up before they do
Getting ready at the same time as the kids makes the morning routine even more stressful. How are you supposed to do your make up, or brush your hair, when you’re trying to ensure the children are getting ready at a suitable pace? Put your alarm on 20 minutes earlier, so that you can get ready in peace before they stir. You may even be able to grab a quick brew!
Give reminders
Don’t expect them to do everything without any cues. They will forget to brush their teeth sometimes 

if you don’t remind them. Let them do things independently, but remind them with “have you brushed your teeth?” and then a few minutes later, just a one word directive – “teeth!” – will do the trick.

Take the morning in your stride and eliminate as much stress as possible by preparing things in advance and you and your kids will have a pleasant, smooth and hassle-free school routine down to a T in no time.

I'm totally with most of this apart from putting the toothpaste on the toothbrushes the night before I wouldn't do this, but nether the less great tips as I'm always running round brushing my hair applying lipgloss whilst grabbing school bags
Does anyone else find getting out in the morning stressful?

This is a sponsored post but emulates my life exactly so I'm happy to do it,