Wednesday, 18 June 2014

YSL Forever Light Creator Serum Review

I love blogging and testing new products and samples.

And nearly 99% of the time I get fab results but some times something won't work for you and may react with your skin.
This is not to put you off from using it or buying it because I know from other reviews and blogs the yslbeauty Forever Light Creator
 Serum works for loads of people but clearly hasn't for me.

When this product launched the lovely counter assistant at YSL gave me loads of samples and I used one then and it made my skin a bit red but I thought that was done to the acids working in the product.  So I decided to give it ago a second time.  And I woke up like this.
I've got a really red itchy sore face.

I'm not going to slate or slag off the product because I genuinely love YSL and think that would be wrong, all I'm highlighting is that not every product on the market is for you no matter how budget or expensive if ingredients don't like your skin it will react.

Thanks for reading:

Have you tried any products that haven't worked for you?

Laura x