Sunday, 27 July 2014


I'm sure reading this most people probably especially beauty bloggers will identify with, 

we buy loads of products and or luckily get sent some and we don't use it all.  
But in fact I have actually been able to finally finish two products and for me that's amazing.

I bought these two products from Origins the GinZing Moisturiser as I thought it would be a good summer day time moisturiser and it is.  The smell is nice very zesty, and the cream is very light.  If you suffer from dehydrated skin I don't think this will do wonders for you but nether the less it's a good cream.

Secondly the Origins Drink up Intensive overnight mask. I bought this after reading people's love for it and I hoped I would feel the same.  And actually I do, this mask is perfect for tired skin. The smell is amazing like fruity natural oils is what I think of and what I do, I literally cake it on my face before bed and after a bath. I wait till it absorbs in a bit before my face hits the pillow and in the morning I look like Cheryl Cole, only kidding I wish, but it does leave my skin literally glowing. It's troubling my bank that I'm going to have to buy another.

Laura xx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I have so neglected my blog this week with 
the weather being so amazing and all I've been off work and out. It's kind of make the most of it whilst it lasts. And I love the sun I'm not sure many don't. I've caked my face in SPF,s and shoving face masks on in the nights. A girl has to try.

So on to my review: as us girls and boys get older we have to take more care of our skin that's a must plus the skin under our eyes becomes more fragile.  I've used loads of eye creams and when Chanel brought out theirs I was very skeptical one because of the price and two incase it wasn't worth the hype.

The price was probably the main factor costing over £100 it's an ultra expensive cream but my justification was quite a list: I work hard plus I'm 40 I need all the help I can get!!!!

So what you really want to know is does it work. And why is it so expensive. Apparently the cream has botanical treasures inside Vanilla Planifolia and the flower of Vanilla from Madagascar in these must be very expensive botanics but I bought it so can't say much.
So what's it like, the texture is creamy and thick so you don't need a lot.  I use it at night time as if I use it in the morning by mid morning my eyeliner has run half way down my face. 
Does it work I think that depends on you, on me I find it very moisturising for my eye area helps keep my dark circles at bay and I haven't noticed any more lines under my eyes I have fine ones but they haven't deepened, would I repurchase it or not at present no I'm sure there are cheaper dupes out there that do the job just as well.

Laura xx

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


What does "high tea" conjure up to you.  To me it was something that sounded very posh, people around me saying la de dah!!! And sipping green tea out of china.

So was I right, a little bit.  Me and a gaggle of my friends went for High Tea at the Hilton. I'm not sure what I was looking forward to the most but I think it was the nicely cut up sandwiches.  So once seated everything is brought out promptly and our selection of tea was asked. Some of my friends chose green tea not me good old classic suits me. Our noisy laughter soon turned to yum yums as we viewed the cakes on the tray.  Onto the sandwiches first, a delicious cream cheese with cucumber in and then to a selection of ham, why do these sandwiches taste too die for & you make them at home and they taste yuck.

I thought I'd be starving after eating some finger sandwiches but they were quite filling.
I then had a scone which was warm with cream and jam in.  This was gorgeous and moved on to a selection of cakes inc one of my favourites carrot cake. Following by a lovely glass of a prosecco type drink we actually felt quite tipsy after this oops.

You got to love afternoons like this

Laura x

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Samples are amazing and without them I'm sure you would be reluctant to go and buy a full sized product of anything without trying a little bit first.
I had seen the loreal Elvive Fibrology shampoo advertised but didn't pay any attention to it to be honest.
It was only when I was reading through a magazine and the shampoo and conditioner were inside.

So I used them wouldn't it be rude if I didn't. They smell nice quite clean and fresh and a bit perfumed but nice.  Lather wise not bad but with sachets you don't get too much product and I waste it by dropping it squeezing it out. 
So I'm not a huge fan of washing my hair I'm not lazy with it I do it but find it a chore.
All the washing drying faffing round gets on my nerves. Once I had rinsed it all out I left my hair to half dry.
I then dry my hair upside down once it's dry I look like Billy Bouffant honestly it's not a good look. 
Go to bed and then pray it will look ok in the morning and once I had woken up sorted it out a bit, I have to say it as it is but it looked bloody brill. I don't know if hair angels were in their when I was asleep cos normally the hair devils are in there.  But it was voluminous and  shiny whereas normally it's lank and flat looking.
So I'm currently raving about this and going to buy the full sized.

Have you tried it?
Laura x 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I was recently invited to a launch party by a new brand Make Me Amazing.
The people behind the company are two lovely ladies Rachel     & Nicola who came up with the idea after being made redundant.  So after a lot of hard work the company began.

They already stocked beauty products such as Lauren's way tan but the girls decided to bring out a nail gel that is used with a UV lamp so prefect for salon owners.  The nail gels come in a variety of colours so perfect for even the fussiest of nails!!! 

So the event was held in Crystal Boutique in Cardiff which is a classy club and one of my personal favourites.  I went with my lovely friend Kelly as we walked in we were greeted with a young man handing out champagne did I mention he had no top on and handsome bonus. 
I then got to meet the girls who came up to speak, they were really friendly and welcoming and invited us to try the nail polishes.  We were so busy talking to people and nosing around we both forgot to get them done!!! That will teach us.

We were treated to amazing food that was offered around and it was beautiful, the girls couldn't have perfected a launch party any better. They say hard work pays off and these two girls are evidence of this look out for their polishes at salons near you. But for now check out their Facebook page 

Monday, 7 July 2014


Hello guys hope you are all well. I'm doing a hair post today. As I like changing my hair around a lot: whether it be style or colour I like experimenting. I'm sure most people reading this are like this to nightmares or what.

My ginger hair is no more down to a hairdressing error so I've got a kind of ombré hair going on. Kind of dark at the top and light caramel coloured at the bottom.

My hair is super fine so any kind of style is tricky and I have to try and super condition my hair, with ombré I kind of like it wavy tousled or curly.  

I bought the Babyliss curling tongs I'm sure they were around £20 and even for me a super hair novice like me I did manage the wave as my picture above.  I use quite a lot of
 Fudge  hair products and their freeze sprays keeps loose waves in my hair all day without any kind of fuzzy ness.

What do you like using on your hair?
Or what different styles do you like? 

Laura x

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

July Is Looking Like A Fashionable a Month

Fashion is looking really good at the moment and I'm still embracing all the bright colours at the moment including all the neons.

This selection is one of my favourites and I've bought the yellow top and the smart blazer style leather look jacket.

I really like the bag and the shoes etc and think that makes up a nice outfit 

All these items I've pieced together are available from RiverIsland.Com 

All photos on this page are also from River a Island's web pages. 

Do you like any of these items? 

Laura x

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I love it when brands on Twitter do a shout out for people to try their products not that I begrudge buying my own things I don't but to get the chance to try a brand you haven't heard of before or even to try something you have heard of is good news.

So clinomyn put one out on twitter to see if anyone wanted to do their two week challenge to see if using their toothpaste 
made a difference to their teeth.

As a brand I had never heard of them before but after a bit of research found that it's not just a whitening toothpaste but a stain removing one to.
When I saw for smokers I thought well I may as well not bother I don't smoke. But over the years it's not just smoking that discolours teeth it's wine: coffee:  lots of things.
So I gave it a go.

I'm ashamed I've been so busy lately I didn't do before and after pics: there wasn't a massive amount to compare, but in terms of stain removing this works, as I end up with a tiny stain on my front teeth as they overlap slightly (I sound like a right dork) but this toothpaste removed the stain. 
As far as whiteness goes I couldn't see a change of colour, but I loved the mint taste of the toothpaste it wasn't eye watering minty but didn't taste like overly chewed chewing gum either.

Would I buy this for my bathroom yes I would, 

Laura xx