Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I love it when brands on Twitter do a shout out for people to try their products not that I begrudge buying my own things I don't but to get the chance to try a brand you haven't heard of before or even to try something you have heard of is good news.

So clinomyn put one out on twitter to see if anyone wanted to do their two week challenge to see if using their toothpaste 
made a difference to their teeth.

As a brand I had never heard of them before but after a bit of research found that it's not just a whitening toothpaste but a stain removing one to.
When I saw for smokers I thought well I may as well not bother I don't smoke. But over the years it's not just smoking that discolours teeth it's wine: coffee:  lots of things.
So I gave it a go.

I'm ashamed I've been so busy lately I didn't do before and after pics: there wasn't a massive amount to compare, but in terms of stain removing this works, as I end up with a tiny stain on my front teeth as they overlap slightly (I sound like a right dork) but this toothpaste removed the stain. 
As far as whiteness goes I couldn't see a change of colour, but I loved the mint taste of the toothpaste it wasn't eye watering minty but didn't taste like overly chewed chewing gum either.

Would I buy this for my bathroom yes I would, 

Laura xx