Sunday, 27 July 2014


I'm sure reading this most people probably especially beauty bloggers will identify with, 

we buy loads of products and or luckily get sent some and we don't use it all.  
But in fact I have actually been able to finally finish two products and for me that's amazing.

I bought these two products from Origins the GinZing Moisturiser as I thought it would be a good summer day time moisturiser and it is.  The smell is nice very zesty, and the cream is very light.  If you suffer from dehydrated skin I don't think this will do wonders for you but nether the less it's a good cream.

Secondly the Origins Drink up Intensive overnight mask. I bought this after reading people's love for it and I hoped I would feel the same.  And actually I do, this mask is perfect for tired skin. The smell is amazing like fruity natural oils is what I think of and what I do, I literally cake it on my face before bed and after a bath. I wait till it absorbs in a bit before my face hits the pillow and in the morning I look like Cheryl Cole, only kidding I wish, but it does leave my skin literally glowing. It's troubling my bank that I'm going to have to buy another.

Laura xx