Sunday, 13 July 2014


Samples are amazing and without them I'm sure you would be reluctant to go and buy a full sized product of anything without trying a little bit first.
I had seen the loreal Elvive Fibrology shampoo advertised but didn't pay any attention to it to be honest.
It was only when I was reading through a magazine and the shampoo and conditioner were inside.

So I used them wouldn't it be rude if I didn't. They smell nice quite clean and fresh and a bit perfumed but nice.  Lather wise not bad but with sachets you don't get too much product and I waste it by dropping it squeezing it out. 
So I'm not a huge fan of washing my hair I'm not lazy with it I do it but find it a chore.
All the washing drying faffing round gets on my nerves. Once I had rinsed it all out I left my hair to half dry.
I then dry my hair upside down once it's dry I look like Billy Bouffant honestly it's not a good look. 
Go to bed and then pray it will look ok in the morning and once I had woken up sorted it out a bit, I have to say it as it is but it looked bloody brill. I don't know if hair angels were in their when I was asleep cos normally the hair devils are in there.  But it was voluminous and  shiny whereas normally it's lank and flat looking.
So I'm currently raving about this and going to buy the full sized.

Have you tried it?
Laura x