Monday, 7 July 2014


Hello guys hope you are all well. I'm doing a hair post today. As I like changing my hair around a lot: whether it be style or colour I like experimenting. I'm sure most people reading this are like this to nightmares or what.

My ginger hair is no more down to a hairdressing error so I've got a kind of ombré hair going on. Kind of dark at the top and light caramel coloured at the bottom.

My hair is super fine so any kind of style is tricky and I have to try and super condition my hair, with ombré I kind of like it wavy tousled or curly.  

I bought the Babyliss curling tongs I'm sure they were around £20 and even for me a super hair novice like me I did manage the wave as my picture above.  I use quite a lot of
 Fudge  hair products and their freeze sprays keeps loose waves in my hair all day without any kind of fuzzy ness.

What do you like using on your hair?
Or what different styles do you like? 

Laura x