Wednesday, 16 July 2014


What does "high tea" conjure up to you.  To me it was something that sounded very posh, people around me saying la de dah!!! And sipping green tea out of china.

So was I right, a little bit.  Me and a gaggle of my friends went for High Tea at the Hilton. I'm not sure what I was looking forward to the most but I think it was the nicely cut up sandwiches.  So once seated everything is brought out promptly and our selection of tea was asked. Some of my friends chose green tea not me good old classic suits me. Our noisy laughter soon turned to yum yums as we viewed the cakes on the tray.  Onto the sandwiches first, a delicious cream cheese with cucumber in and then to a selection of ham, why do these sandwiches taste too die for & you make them at home and they taste yuck.

I thought I'd be starving after eating some finger sandwiches but they were quite filling.
I then had a scone which was warm with cream and jam in.  This was gorgeous and moved on to a selection of cakes inc one of my favourites carrot cake. Following by a lovely glass of a prosecco type drink we actually felt quite tipsy after this oops.

You got to love afternoons like this

Laura x