Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Red Arrows Came To My Home Town

I love planes helicopters and anything that moves in the air just call me a geek, so when I knew that the Red Arrows were doing an air show in my home town I was super excited as where my children.

One minute I was chatting next minute they were booming over my head scared me yes loud yes and excited YES.

I didn't even need to leave my home I had the most perfect view I was transfixed. As where my children, how much training and talent goes into there shows they are fab.

Laura x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I think I'm writing this to help myself as well as others.
I always admire people who save and have savings, and I guess well you could say you 
have to have money to save and I agree with
that to an extent but you can make changes to your life and how you spend.

I'm the kind of person who lives for today and spends for today so I'm trying hard to change that.

I bought a Pot of Dreams as above I love these as they are pretty pots so look nice in your home or bedroom and as they cost £10 hopefully making me less likely to want to smash it open. 

My tips are:
1. Don't take money out of your account unless you need it.
2. Budget yourself to an amount a week or day that you can cope with and stick the rest in your pot of dreams or saving jar.
3. If you do take money out of your bank to buy something save the change in your pot.
4. Sell any unused items such as boots shoes clothes in a car boot save the cash you get.
5. Sell any clean unused makeup online.
6. Save any money you have for birthdays christmas.
7. Prioritise bills so once they are paid you know what you have left to use over the month.
8. Offer to babysit dog walk do odd jobs to earn extra cash.
9. Limit the amount of money you spend on magazines, products you don't need (don't worry I'm the worst) 
10. Read blogs it's cheaper and great for tips.

Happy saving beauty's I'm going to keep reading my tips for my own saving therapy.

Laura x

Friday, 22 August 2014


I'm not a lover of the cold you would think with Scottish blood In me I wouldn't feel the cold but I really do, I do feel that I've literally just got my summer maxi dresses out and flip flops and I'm putting them away again. 
Don't get me wrong I like the darker nights for cosy evenings and burning candles but I also like the sun.

Anyway with slowly saying goodbye to the sun and hello brrrrrr.  I thought it might be good to showcase some nice clothes I've seen on the net. 

I do like blazers they are one of my staples what about you? I think they inject a bit of class to an outfit.  I wear quite a bit of navy and black to work which I generally team with a blazer.  Brighter colours are nice but up to you.  The ones I've featured are from Oasis, New Look, I love High Street, not only can you wear them to work but teamed with jeans looks lovely.

Get prepared like me and get your eyes peeled on some nice (Autumn wear)

Laura xxx

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ashley Cahill One Life One Skin Skincare*

I was lucky to see a shout out from a luxury skincare brand to ask if anyone wanted to sample any of their products, 
being a big skincare fan I was all over it.
So the company kindly sent me three samples as 

So the first I tried was the Fresh Cleanser a nice generous amount to try. I wet my face and then pumped a small amount of cleanser in my palm, pearlescent in colour I washed my face avoiding my eye area and rinsed off.  I have to say once I  dried my face my skin felt so soft almost like a baby's super soft skin I loved it.

Secondly I used the Micro-Dermabrasion Cleanser  you can see from the picture of the sample the 

product looks a bit like salt crystals, this is an award winning product::: this is a powerful exfoliator that scours away dirt think of a scouring pad without the harshness: to use you wet your face and then work on face or body.  The benefits of this are once dead skin is removed, you are left with glowing fresh skin,  I liked this to as my skin was left clear and soft but I didn't rub it in my face to roughly as I have quite sensitive skin although it was fine for me. 

Lastly I used Tight this has been described as 'plastic surgery in a bottle' this is a skin solution that smoothes creases and wrinkles.  To use I applied a thin layer over my face, if a white film appears you moisten with water or apply moisturiser, obviously the clue is in the name my skin did tighten when this product was on and I think for me, I'm lucky that I'm not very liney so to speak but giving that it left my skin tightened up I bet it works wonders.

As a brand I think what I've used is fab and trust me I'm an honest reviewer I think that big sizes are going to be ordered: sorry bank.

Laura x

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Going on holiday is an exciting time and if your like me you probably spend weeks or 
even months prepping what your are going to wear and what beauty skin care products to take.  Yes I hold my hand up I anguish over it all down to the last detail.
So I've singled out some of my faves: 

1. ULTRASUN: After Sun.  I love ultrasun and their after sun is no exception cooling and moisturising and helps keep your tan what more do you need? 

2. LANCASTER: Tan Maximizer.  This is a holiday must and one of my ultimate faves, you cannot go on holiday and not take this with you.  The reason I love it so much is I slather it on after being out in the sun every night and when I return from my holiday I swear it prolongs my tan, it's amazing trust me.

3. DECLEOR: Aroma Confort. One of the most moisturising body milks around, smells clean and lovely, soothes dry skin, glides on, and instantly absorbs.  I am bigging up all these products as I love them, they wouldn't be in my top three summer holiday essential products with out good reason.

Laura x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I'm sure there will be literally hundreds if not thousands of posts tweets and messages about the tragic death of Robin Williams. 
When I first saw the headline I assumed that he had past away from an illness that hadn't been reported or had just sadly passed away, I didn't think for one minute that he had taken his own life. 

Having grown up to love him how could you not? He was genius, I loved Mork & Mindy but one of my faves had to be Mrs Doubtfire funny and incredibly well acted. Not only could he turn out comedy roles but serious 
roles Good Will Hunting. 

I didn't realise how much of his life was spent battling his demons drink and drugs although he was sober and clean he had battled with severe depression.
I've read lots of quotes from people saying how could he kill himself leaving behind three children and a wife? 
Why would he kill himself he was rich and talented? 
Depression doesn't care how beautiful, rich, clever, poor, successful, slim, large, you are if your affected by it sometimes it will drag you into a deep black hole you can't get out of and that's what I think may have been the case with Robin Williams. Even being able  to afford therapy and treatment if he had gone past that stage for him there was no way back.

I know this is quite a dark post but it highlights a few things that Depression needs to be less of a Taboo subject and more readily help for people and we can celebrate the life and talent that was Robin Williams.

Laura x

Monday, 11 August 2014


I do write normally about lip glosses and creams but occasionally I write about other things and this is the other things.
As a busy mum of three I do a lot of washing per day, school uniforms, football kits, the list 
goes on. 
I'm a bit fanatical about my kids being clean and smelling nice. Although don't get me wrong they do come in minging from playing out.
So when I saw the Lenor advert for the Unstoppables and the promise of clean smelling clothes for weeks I was all over it.

I bought two bottles from Tesco if you squeeze the bottle you can smell them without having to open them. There are three different fragrances in all: I chose the blue which is a fresh clean smell and the peachy one which is a slight floral scent and the third is much more floral. 
So you empty some into a cap as above and literally open your washing machine door throw in put your powder in then wash.  And what are the results well for a bit of an OCD person like myself I love them.  Your whole  house smells of the fragrance and not only that once the clothes have been worn and go back in the wash they still smell nice.
They are currently on offer in Tesco for £5.00 so if you do lots of washing grab some.

Laura x 

Thursday, 7 August 2014


I was recently sent some products from DiPalomo which were a white grape and Aloe Dry Oil, beautifully packaged and looking very gift like so perfect for a present. I like fussy 
packaging but I also like clean stylish lines and I normally lean towards the latter to me presentation is important but not as important to what the product is like or how it performs.

I'm a fan of oils whether it be facial oils or hair oils or body oils, incidentally I particularly love this oil, the smell is lovely reminds me of going on holiday, it's not messy greasy or sticky and absorbs instantly which is great for busy lifestyles as you can get dressed straight after using this. 

My skin is quite tanned at the moment as the 
weather has been nice, so ultimately the sun has dried it right out, so I've been using this oil loads. It's providing a nice refreshing feel to my skin, not only have I had the oil, I am using their lip balm in the same white grape this has also proved to be a god send in this drying weather leaving my lips feeling calm and moisturised. 
Not only can you use the dry skin oil on your body you can use it in your hair as an intensive conditioner I haven't as yet but I'm looking forward to using this as a pampering treat.
I've got my eye on a good few products from 
DiPalomo.Com and I can see a lot of gifts going to friends and family from here. 
Who doesn't love pretty things? 

Laura xx

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I've been really busy lately and I feel like I've neglected my blog a bit, but with the summer holidays here and three children they have had to come first, with the weather being nice and all I haven't been home much.

If your wondering what pictures of cats has to do with blogs and school holidays, well we have been toying with the idea of getting a pet for ages, as a family a dog seemed a good choice and we were looking at getting a springer spaniel. But being at work all day and a dog needing a lot of exercise didn't seem fair.
So a cat seemed a better option, after lots of research we have decided on getting a solid blue british short hair.
So the pictures above are of her with my daughter, she's too young at the moment to bring home from the breeder but we are getting her at the end of September.  Cute isn't she? 
The only thing not decided is her name but at the moment it's either Stella or Luna.

Laura x

Sunday, 3 August 2014


I like Bumble & Bumble products although I do find them quite expensive. And in terms of bottle size particularly the shampoos you don't get much but in fairness you don't need a lot of product. 

I first read about this product on Adrienne's 
blog  when I read her post  I thought it sounded perfect for my hair.

I've recently went for the chop and gone from long hair to an asymmetrical bob.  But as I've coloured it so much and done so much to its not looking the best. 

Anything with oil in it does make me feel a bit scared as my hairs so fine I think I'm going to end up looking like my hairs stuck to my head.
The shampoo contains a mix of coconut, sweet almond, grape seed oil, safflower seed so seems full of healthy ingredients as does the conditioner. 
With these products it is tempting to use lots of product but you don't need to in this case less is more.  I don't find the shampoo lathers much in my hair but I don't think that's a bad thing as long as the shampoo Cleans my hair,  with the conditioner I was tempted to use loads but I didn't I used a tiny drop rubbed it through all my hair, left on and rinsed out.
Here's my honest verdict O M G, my hair was so soft silky and shiny I think we are on to a winner here.

laura x