Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ashley Cahill One Life One Skin Skincare*

I was lucky to see a shout out from a luxury skincare brand to ask if anyone wanted to sample any of their products, 
being a big skincare fan I was all over it.
So the company kindly sent me three samples as 

So the first I tried was the Fresh Cleanser a nice generous amount to try. I wet my face and then pumped a small amount of cleanser in my palm, pearlescent in colour I washed my face avoiding my eye area and rinsed off.  I have to say once I  dried my face my skin felt so soft almost like a baby's super soft skin I loved it.

Secondly I used the Micro-Dermabrasion Cleanser  you can see from the picture of the sample the 

product looks a bit like salt crystals, this is an award winning product::: this is a powerful exfoliator that scours away dirt think of a scouring pad without the harshness: to use you wet your face and then work on face or body.  The benefits of this are once dead skin is removed, you are left with glowing fresh skin,  I liked this to as my skin was left clear and soft but I didn't rub it in my face to roughly as I have quite sensitive skin although it was fine for me. 

Lastly I used Tight this has been described as 'plastic surgery in a bottle' this is a skin solution that smoothes creases and wrinkles.  To use I applied a thin layer over my face, if a white film appears you moisten with water or apply moisturiser, obviously the clue is in the name my skin did tighten when this product was on and I think for me, I'm lucky that I'm not very liney so to speak but giving that it left my skin tightened up I bet it works wonders.

As a brand I think what I've used is fab and trust me I'm an honest reviewer I think that big sizes are going to be ordered: sorry bank.

Laura x