Sunday, 3 August 2014


I like Bumble & Bumble products although I do find them quite expensive. And in terms of bottle size particularly the shampoos you don't get much but in fairness you don't need a lot of product. 

I first read about this product on Adrienne's 
blog  when I read her post  I thought it sounded perfect for my hair.

I've recently went for the chop and gone from long hair to an asymmetrical bob.  But as I've coloured it so much and done so much to its not looking the best. 

Anything with oil in it does make me feel a bit scared as my hairs so fine I think I'm going to end up looking like my hairs stuck to my head.
The shampoo contains a mix of coconut, sweet almond, grape seed oil, safflower seed so seems full of healthy ingredients as does the conditioner. 
With these products it is tempting to use lots of product but you don't need to in this case less is more.  I don't find the shampoo lathers much in my hair but I don't think that's a bad thing as long as the shampoo Cleans my hair,  with the conditioner I was tempted to use loads but I didn't I used a tiny drop rubbed it through all my hair, left on and rinsed out.
Here's my honest verdict O M G, my hair was so soft silky and shiny I think we are on to a winner here.

laura x