Thursday, 7 August 2014


I was recently sent some products from DiPalomo which were a white grape and Aloe Dry Oil, beautifully packaged and looking very gift like so perfect for a present. I like fussy 
packaging but I also like clean stylish lines and I normally lean towards the latter to me presentation is important but not as important to what the product is like or how it performs.

I'm a fan of oils whether it be facial oils or hair oils or body oils, incidentally I particularly love this oil, the smell is lovely reminds me of going on holiday, it's not messy greasy or sticky and absorbs instantly which is great for busy lifestyles as you can get dressed straight after using this. 

My skin is quite tanned at the moment as the 
weather has been nice, so ultimately the sun has dried it right out, so I've been using this oil loads. It's providing a nice refreshing feel to my skin, not only have I had the oil, I am using their lip balm in the same white grape this has also proved to be a god send in this drying weather leaving my lips feeling calm and moisturised. 
Not only can you use the dry skin oil on your body you can use it in your hair as an intensive conditioner I haven't as yet but I'm looking forward to using this as a pampering treat.
I've got my eye on a good few products from 
DiPalomo.Com and I can see a lot of gifts going to friends and family from here. 
Who doesn't love pretty things? 

Laura xx