Monday, 11 August 2014


I do write normally about lip glosses and creams but occasionally I write about other things and this is the other things.
As a busy mum of three I do a lot of washing per day, school uniforms, football kits, the list 
goes on. 
I'm a bit fanatical about my kids being clean and smelling nice. Although don't get me wrong they do come in minging from playing out.
So when I saw the Lenor advert for the Unstoppables and the promise of clean smelling clothes for weeks I was all over it.

I bought two bottles from Tesco if you squeeze the bottle you can smell them without having to open them. There are three different fragrances in all: I chose the blue which is a fresh clean smell and the peachy one which is a slight floral scent and the third is much more floral. 
So you empty some into a cap as above and literally open your washing machine door throw in put your powder in then wash.  And what are the results well for a bit of an OCD person like myself I love them.  Your whole  house smells of the fragrance and not only that once the clothes have been worn and go back in the wash they still smell nice.
They are currently on offer in Tesco for £5.00 so if you do lots of washing grab some.

Laura x