Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I think I'm writing this to help myself as well as others.
I always admire people who save and have savings, and I guess well you could say you 
have to have money to save and I agree with
that to an extent but you can make changes to your life and how you spend.

I'm the kind of person who lives for today and spends for today so I'm trying hard to change that.

I bought a Pot of Dreams as above I love these as they are pretty pots so look nice in your home or bedroom and as they cost £10 hopefully making me less likely to want to smash it open. 

My tips are:
1. Don't take money out of your account unless you need it.
2. Budget yourself to an amount a week or day that you can cope with and stick the rest in your pot of dreams or saving jar.
3. If you do take money out of your bank to buy something save the change in your pot.
4. Sell any unused items such as boots shoes clothes in a car boot save the cash you get.
5. Sell any clean unused makeup online.
6. Save any money you have for birthdays christmas.
7. Prioritise bills so once they are paid you know what you have left to use over the month.
8. Offer to babysit dog walk do odd jobs to earn extra cash.
9. Limit the amount of money you spend on magazines, products you don't need (don't worry I'm the worst) 
10. Read blogs it's cheaper and great for tips.

Happy saving beauty's I'm going to keep reading my tips for my own saving therapy.

Laura x