Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I'm sure there will be literally hundreds if not thousands of posts tweets and messages about the tragic death of Robin Williams. 
When I first saw the headline I assumed that he had past away from an illness that hadn't been reported or had just sadly passed away, I didn't think for one minute that he had taken his own life. 

Having grown up to love him how could you not? He was genius, I loved Mork & Mindy but one of my faves had to be Mrs Doubtfire funny and incredibly well acted. Not only could he turn out comedy roles but serious 
roles Good Will Hunting. 

I didn't realise how much of his life was spent battling his demons drink and drugs although he was sober and clean he had battled with severe depression.
I've read lots of quotes from people saying how could he kill himself leaving behind three children and a wife? 
Why would he kill himself he was rich and talented? 
Depression doesn't care how beautiful, rich, clever, poor, successful, slim, large, you are if your affected by it sometimes it will drag you into a deep black hole you can't get out of and that's what I think may have been the case with Robin Williams. Even being able  to afford therapy and treatment if he had gone past that stage for him there was no way back.

I know this is quite a dark post but it highlights a few things that Depression needs to be less of a Taboo subject and more readily help for people and we can celebrate the life and talent that was Robin Williams.

Laura x