Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Hair Masque That Works

If your a constant hair dyer like me you know how drying this can make your hair.  In terms of dyeing it I've recently had it bleach bathed from dark brown to light so I could go auburn so my hair is very brittle. I'm not straightening it as I think it would fall out if I did anymore to it.

As a beauty blogger hmmmm can I call 
myself that well I hope so, I've done lots of hair masque research like 
googling mad allsorts of brands, reviews 
To see what could help my battered hair.

And I came up with Moroccanoil Restorative Masque, it's the same with any product there is pluses and negatives not everyone is going to get on with a product but some people will love it.

In my experience the first thought is 
the negative as the price is over whelming as it costs £30 for the tub which scares you as obviously you want it to work for that price.  A few people 
commented saying they didn't like the smell saying it was over powering. 

My thoughts are the smell is lovely like a holiday smell, the masque is thick and creamy.  I washed my hair towel dried it and then spread a generous amount through my hair left it on overnight and rinsed it off in the morning.  My hair felt literally amazing so soft and silky to touch.
I don't think this would be the one to use if your hair is healthy there is a hydrating masque that would work for this, the restorative one is for your hair to be rebuilt with protein.  
I think this masque is amazing and really helping my hair and I love it, once my hair gets to health I think il switch to the hydrating one.

Laura x