Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Perfume Wishlist

I think it's safe to say we all like perfumes and smelling nice.  But if you are anything like me you have quite a few bottles on your dressing table but do you ever finish them?

I do finish them if I absolutely love it but it's very rare I actually use every bit up, and I'm always on the hunt for a new one.

So with Christmas in mind and the party season looming it's typical for brands to bring out new releases along with Celebrity ones.

So the ones I've listed are on my list and hopefully 


The first is:::  Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream I'm already a bit of a convert to this brand but sometimes I am swayed by the gorgeous bottles.  I actually really love the smell of this perfume though as it's not very heady but actually quite light a perfect gift in my opinion.

Secondly Calvin Klein Eurphoria Gold I have the original Eurphoria and when I say I rarely finish a bottle this one I did, so I'm keen to give their new release a go, I haven't smelt this one but judging on their original I'm sure I will love it.

Thirdly Cheryl (huge double barreled surname) her Stormflower perfume has been reported to be a must,  I think my twelve year old daughter would like this one and I think I'm going to get her this one for Christmas, I can see lots of teenagers grabbing this one.

And lastly YSL Black Opium, I have to be honest I hated the original Opium but maybe that was because I was younger and didn't appreciate the grown up scent that it was, however this one is Oh My God, it's definitely grown up spicey and dark the bottle is classy to and I think YSL have pulled out a right cracker out the bag  with this one (ha ha me) 

Hope you like my little guide 

Any you fancy?

Laura xxx

Monday, 27 October 2014

Getting Ready For Halloween

Morning guys hope you are all well, I'm sitting writing    With a large cup of coffee and in my Jamas plus I've got four days off work BONUS.

I'm off work as it's half term so I've probably got plenty going on this week.

Well the highlight of this week for the children will be HALLOWEEN they love it, me not so much but I get fully involved because they love it.

Tesco has some fab items for your young ones so I grabbed the traditional pumpkins as we are going to have a go at carving them.  I'm going to look for some stencils to help try and make them look presentable, maybe a batman design be good.

I've got some banners to decorate the house and piles of sweets for the little minxes who knock the door.

I don't know about you but I'm America particularly Florida/disney obsessed so as much as I'm not keen on Halloween I would love to go over there for it as I know they absolutely love it and can you imagine how amazing they do it all.

Laura x

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Soap And Glory Range

I have only recently started using the soapandglory range I bet your thinking OMG where have I been. And in answer I really don't know where I have been when it comes to this.
I think I've always just walked past it in Boots and I don't know why.

Anyway enough of that I now love it not only that there are loads of products, and perfect for presents and they do gift sets for Christmas.

I'm particularly liking the shower cream I love it the smells from these babies are fab.

Do you like Soap and Glory?

And what is your fav product?

Laura x

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Would You Have Plastic Surgery?

I don't know if you feel the same but I'm seeing more and more clinics popping up offering nip and tucks than ever.  

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older and I'm more aware of it, or whether it's because having a little "facial help" is more sought after now.
I've noticed a large circle of my friends having Botox and fillers and chemical peels. Some look fab others have way overdone it and they don't even look like they used to.

I have also noticed a number of girls and boys who are really young doing it!!! 

So would I do it? 

Well I don't currently I'm just trying my best to look after my skin and not smile ha ha.

I'm not saying I won't rule it out when I really might need it, but I would do it for me.  And defo not over do it.

So what are your thought?

Would you do it?

And as is this a plastic surgery post I haven't got any pictures of it I've put a picture of my kitten Luna on there for your viewing he he.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hair Accessories

New Range At Tesco The Ruby Collection

Introducing the Ruby Collection
The brand new styling tools from THX Total Hair Experts

 The festive season is just around the corner, so get yourself Christmas party ready with the THX Total Hair Experts Collection hair styling tools in Ruby Red, available exclusively at Tesco.

THX Total Hair Experts Ruby Collection Hair Dryer and THX Total Hair Experts Ruby Collection Straightener, £25.00 each

The range includes with ceramic plates and variable heat settings of up to 210 degrees, to suit the needs of any hair type. Or if you prefer a curl then why not try the THX Total Hair Experts Curling Wand Gift Set, £25.00. This beautiful little set comes with a ceramic-coated wave tong and range of hair styling accessories, and makes a perfect gift for Christmas. 

Why not co-ordinate your dressing table with matching hairdryer. It not only looks and feels great with its soft tactile finish but this great little hairdryer is light and  features a foldable handle, ideal for easy storage and travel.  

The Ruby Collection styling tools are also available in black with red detailing. The full THX Total Hair Experts range is available now in store and online at



Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My Favourite Christmas Experience

I was recently contacted by a company called Transun who asked what my favourite Christmas experience was.  

In answer to that question having three young children I will be open and honest and say every Christmas to be is amazing with them.  The excitement the night before, me wrapping the presents and most importantly their faces when they open them.  I love it all even done to preparing and cooking the food, my best christmas present was my middle son was born on the 13th December so he's a real Christmas baby and having him home as a newborn on Christmas Day was and still is the ultimate gift.

If you would like to do this competition to win a day trip to Lapland to see Father Christmas for four people with Transun you need to write your fav christmas experience on your blog by the 21st October and Tweet your entry with the hashtag #transunXMAS


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sunkissed Sunlight Bronze Review

Sunkissedbronzing recently asked on Twitter if anyone wanted to give their products a try my hand was straight up, I love fake tan and I don't think it matters whether it's summer or winter to use it, being a bit bronzed is never a bad thing plus being tanned does make me feel better.

So the lovely people there sent me a full sized bottle to try in Dark with a bronzing mitt,  I always use bronzing mitts as I think they are important in order to get an even tan, not only that they save your hands and palms from the dreaded tan on the palm look.

Sunkissed use the lovely Lucy who was in TOWIE she's a lover of tan who perfect for their advertising.

I didn't have any illusion I knew that by using it I wouldn't end up looking like Lucy but you can try.
My first impressions with the tan were there was no gross smell to begin with, I do think in tanning terms smells have improved greatly and there no longer seems to be a horrendous smell as the tan is developing. 
So I applied the tan all over with my mitt and went to bed and the above pictures are my results.  My leg started off lily white and after one application I had a nice glow, if you want a deeper glow just use the next few nights. 

Would I recommend this tan yes I would it's fab and at a price friendly £4.99 it's not going to break the bank.

Xproduct sent via Twitter request


Monday, 13 October 2014

How I've Found Blogging And Some Helpful Tips

Well lovelies I'm on the way to my second year of blogging which I've started as a hobby and I'm still viewing it that way I'm loving it and the opportunities that are arising along the way.
I'm older than nearly all the blogging community does it put me off, no not really only in that my selfies don't look 
as good as there's ha ha.

What have I learnt? 

Don't be influenced by your amount of followers in essence, don't compare yourself to other bloggers who have hundreds or thousands of followers just 
look after the ones you have. 
Don't feel you need to go and buy the 
latest products to review it's guaranteed  3 million other bloggers will have it either from PR's or they have bought it and it will already be heavily reviewed. 

Be yourself!!! And write for yourself 
with your own spin no one likes a boring read. 

Is blogging cliquey I would say yes actually it is a little bit: does it help if you have Hollywood looks:: yes probably but life's not like that, my fav comment was one I read from a fellow 
blogger and I quote "we don't sxxx glitter" I nearly wet myself reading that.   I wake up looking like something from the living dead every morning, with 
piggy eyes, the list goes on I don't need to be reminded, but I'm real and honest and I intend to stay that way.  It might 
put people off but I think it's better.

Does my age affect things hell probably I am 40 does that mean I shouldn't blog personally I don't care why shouldn't i, it just means it's harder and longer to look presentable.

And the top requirement you need a cat and Apple Mac have I got both of course darling.  (Only through hard work) 😏😏

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumnal Nudes

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My New Addition To The Family:: LUNA

I may have tweeted to death that I was having a little kitten, probably over tweeted because I was 
super excited I'm sure I was just as excited as the kids.  When I was little I didn't have any pets although I did remember having the school fish for a weekend, and I remember walking home with it and trying to not spill any water out of the bowl, or drop the fish bowl it was my most nerve wracking walk from school ever. 

I went to see the kitten when she was 5 weeks old and went to pick her up last week. Incase you are wondering what she is, she's a British Shorthair Kitten.  She to me looks like the cat from the Sheba advert.  So she's been in my home nearly a week now, she was very unsettled to start with and hid under the sofa most of the time and slept with one eye open.  I would to with an energetic 6 year old bouncing round.  But she's settled right in one, sprawling herself over the rug and constantly on the look out for food! 

I'm not a big fan of cat food smell but I'm getting used to it, I'm such in a couple of months il be sitting in an armchair knitting and surrounded by cats ha ha.

Hope you think she's as cute as I do..


Saturday, 4 October 2014

My Week Away Family Holiday

I haven't been away or done anything remotely chilling for ages so I was literally counting the days weeks months on this holiday right down to the second.

I went to the Holiday Village in Rhodes which I booked through First Choice as they offered all inclusive deals and I 
thought having three children was my best option.

As soon as we arrived we were spoilt handed a glass of champagne and bags taken to our room. It's so nice to be spoilt once in a while. 
The week went fab apart from one day where they had forecast thunder and lightening and trust that day for the weather forecast to be right it literally rained and thundered for hours.  The hotel wasn't very equipped for this and there was water dripping through the ceiling in the restaurant being collected in tubs, not what I would have expected from 5 star but hey I didn't get wet.

Totally chilled and relaxed cruising down the lazy river, conquered my fear of water slides, well I did it twice, and quality family time::: priceless.

Hope this explains my weeks absence.

Laura xx