Monday, 27 October 2014

Getting Ready For Halloween

Morning guys hope you are all well, I'm sitting writing    With a large cup of coffee and in my Jamas plus I've got four days off work BONUS.

I'm off work as it's half term so I've probably got plenty going on this week.

Well the highlight of this week for the children will be HALLOWEEN they love it, me not so much but I get fully involved because they love it.

Tesco has some fab items for your young ones so I grabbed the traditional pumpkins as we are going to have a go at carving them.  I'm going to look for some stencils to help try and make them look presentable, maybe a batman design be good.

I've got some banners to decorate the house and piles of sweets for the little minxes who knock the door.

I don't know about you but I'm America particularly Florida/disney obsessed so as much as I'm not keen on Halloween I would love to go over there for it as I know they absolutely love it and can you imagine how amazing they do it all.

Laura x