Monday, 13 October 2014

How I've Found Blogging And Some Helpful Tips

Well lovelies I'm on the way to my second year of blogging which I've started as a hobby and I'm still viewing it that way I'm loving it and the opportunities that are arising along the way.
I'm older than nearly all the blogging community does it put me off, no not really only in that my selfies don't look 
as good as there's ha ha.

What have I learnt? 

Don't be influenced by your amount of followers in essence, don't compare yourself to other bloggers who have hundreds or thousands of followers just 
look after the ones you have. 
Don't feel you need to go and buy the 
latest products to review it's guaranteed  3 million other bloggers will have it either from PR's or they have bought it and it will already be heavily reviewed. 

Be yourself!!! And write for yourself 
with your own spin no one likes a boring read. 

Is blogging cliquey I would say yes actually it is a little bit: does it help if you have Hollywood looks:: yes probably but life's not like that, my fav comment was one I read from a fellow 
blogger and I quote "we don't sxxx glitter" I nearly wet myself reading that.   I wake up looking like something from the living dead every morning, with 
piggy eyes, the list goes on I don't need to be reminded, but I'm real and honest and I intend to stay that way.  It might 
put people off but I think it's better.

Does my age affect things hell probably I am 40 does that mean I shouldn't blog personally I don't care why shouldn't i, it just means it's harder and longer to look presentable.

And the top requirement you need a cat and Apple Mac have I got both of course darling.  (Only through hard work) 😏😏