Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My New Addition To The Family:: LUNA

I may have tweeted to death that I was having a little kitten, probably over tweeted because I was 
super excited I'm sure I was just as excited as the kids.  When I was little I didn't have any pets although I did remember having the school fish for a weekend, and I remember walking home with it and trying to not spill any water out of the bowl, or drop the fish bowl it was my most nerve wracking walk from school ever. 

I went to see the kitten when she was 5 weeks old and went to pick her up last week. Incase you are wondering what she is, she's a British Shorthair Kitten.  She to me looks like the cat from the Sheba advert.  So she's been in my home nearly a week now, she was very unsettled to start with and hid under the sofa most of the time and slept with one eye open.  I would to with an energetic 6 year old bouncing round.  But she's settled right in one, sprawling herself over the rug and constantly on the look out for food! 

I'm not a big fan of cat food smell but I'm getting used to it, I'm such in a couple of months il be sitting in an armchair knitting and surrounded by cats ha ha.

Hope you think she's as cute as I do..