Saturday, 4 October 2014

My Week Away Family Holiday

I haven't been away or done anything remotely chilling for ages so I was literally counting the days weeks months on this holiday right down to the second.

I went to the Holiday Village in Rhodes which I booked through First Choice as they offered all inclusive deals and I 
thought having three children was my best option.

As soon as we arrived we were spoilt handed a glass of champagne and bags taken to our room. It's so nice to be spoilt once in a while. 
The week went fab apart from one day where they had forecast thunder and lightening and trust that day for the weather forecast to be right it literally rained and thundered for hours.  The hotel wasn't very equipped for this and there was water dripping through the ceiling in the restaurant being collected in tubs, not what I would have expected from 5 star but hey I didn't get wet.

Totally chilled and relaxed cruising down the lazy river, conquered my fear of water slides, well I did it twice, and quality family time::: priceless.

Hope this explains my weeks absence.

Laura xx