Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sunkissed Sunlight Bronze Review

Sunkissedbronzing recently asked on Twitter if anyone wanted to give their products a try my hand was straight up, I love fake tan and I don't think it matters whether it's summer or winter to use it, being a bit bronzed is never a bad thing plus being tanned does make me feel better.

So the lovely people there sent me a full sized bottle to try in Dark with a bronzing mitt,  I always use bronzing mitts as I think they are important in order to get an even tan, not only that they save your hands and palms from the dreaded tan on the palm look.

Sunkissed use the lovely Lucy who was in TOWIE she's a lover of tan who perfect for their advertising.

I didn't have any illusion I knew that by using it I wouldn't end up looking like Lucy but you can try.
My first impressions with the tan were there was no gross smell to begin with, I do think in tanning terms smells have improved greatly and there no longer seems to be a horrendous smell as the tan is developing. 
So I applied the tan all over with my mitt and went to bed and the above pictures are my results.  My leg started off lily white and after one application I had a nice glow, if you want a deeper glow just use the next few nights. 

Would I recommend this tan yes I would it's fab and at a price friendly £4.99 it's not going to break the bank.

Xproduct sent via Twitter request