Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Anti Ageing Look After Your Skin

Alpha H Liquid Gold

If you are worried about how your skin is looking, or the surface doesn't look great, if you suffer from  skin with blotches or pigmentation this is the product for you.

I don't use this every day this for me is a twice a 
week thing, I put some on a cotton wool pad and sweep over my face when I have removed my makeup. This removes all traces of remaining makeup, leaves my skin soft and smooth and I think I hyperventilate when I realise I haven't got much left.  

Some days I find it a bit too much for my skin after all it is an acid treatment, so if my skins feeling extra sensitive it doesn't like it.  Don't be scared to use it though, you do get a tingling feeling when you use it I kind of like this, it feels like it's doing something woo hoo.  I would 

recommend in a heat beat anti ageing at its best.

Chanel Sublimage Eye Cream

I think that when you are dealing with ageing the eye area is the first to show.  The skin around the eyes is very thin, so we have to look after it.  I'm a lovely of eye creams and serums anything to keep this area hydrated.  I'm very lucky that I'm not a prune (wrinkly) just being honest, but I do look after my skin the best I can, so when Chanel brought out their Sublimage range I was very skeptical to begin with after all some of their products in this line I think I could have bought some Louboutins for the same price, but their eye cream interested me.  It's quite a tidy size and is so rich you literally only use a tiny bit.  I use the cream at night and pat around my eye area.  I don't use it in the morning as I think sometimes it makes my eyeliner smudge.

Have I noticed a difference??

Not hugely but my eye area is nice and hydrated which isin't a bad thing, could something else cheaper do that job, yes probably.

Laura x