Sunday, 9 November 2014

Can you colour at home just like the salon

Can you colour your hair at home just like the salon? 
Well I'm going to try it out and see and then i will post with an update, I'm dying to colour it now as I've got lots of grey coming through but I can't yet as Im waiting for another bottle of Wella Colour Charm to come from America in Titian Red Blonde.
It's really annoying as we can get any colour charm products in the UK and I have to order them and they take ages to arrive.

The Matrix products are a little bit easier to get but truthfully most things are coming from Ebay.

I've got the cream develop in 10 vol but I've ordered another Wella in 20 to see if I can get the strawberry blonde colour I am aiming for.  My hair is copper brown gold currently.

Salon colour is a plus as you don't have to mix colours or do anything yourself but obviously it's more expensive to do this.  The mixing instructions on the hair dyes look easy to follow so I hope i manage to get a good result.

What do you think about hair colouring?

Laura x