Sunday, 16 November 2014

Early morning makeup choose pink

Hey lovelies, I do have a bit of a thing for makeup (hence the blog name) and I love lipstick, lip glosses, lip crayons you name it, and I love nearly 
every colour.

But having two poorly children this weekend and not much sleep at all, I'm not looking my best, it's safe to say I look across between scary Mary and a sleep deprived unkempt mess.  

Personally I know it's not about me when your kids are ill but you have to do something when your feeling and looking like a zombie, but not only that these pics are my go to most normal mornings. 

I think pink and nude is a good colour to flatter nearly everyone and can make you look a bit brighter.

Out of the glosses in my pic I really like the Clarins & the Mac one the best.

I keep most of these ones in my hand bag so I have something to perk up my face when the tired ness kicks in.

Do you have any tips to make you feel better when your tired.