Saturday, 8 November 2014

Find the time for yourself

Finding time to chill out and even write new posts is difficult when you haven't got time to chill out.  I'm sure most people reading this will have studies, work, or a family to look after so your lucky to have a minute to yourself.

I'm struggling to find time at the moment but I'm trying to steal it from doing other things.  I normally do a hair 

mask on the weekend with the 
Moroccanoil restorative one as my hair is quite damaged from too much 
bleaching oops I'm using this one until my hair gets a bit better and then il switch masks to a hydrating one.
Whilst my hair is restoring I shove a mask GlamGlow is the one I'm using at the minute, smells nice to shove on your face it's like a nice smelling mud, who would think of that. And after I've cleaned my house I have a bath have a good scrub with my Soap & Glory scrub and then moisturise.  
I find this is good for getting your own 
maintenance done whilst getting other things done.

The only draw back to this method is someone always knocks the door either the postman or a work man anyone and I look like I've returned from a night out at Halloween. 

Do you make time for yourself? 

Laura x

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