Saturday, 22 November 2014

La Roche-Posay Effaclar anti-blemish system review

The lovely people at La Roche-Posay sent me there new 3 step anti-blemish system to try and I was delighted here's what you get and my results, the kit I used and my daughter who has acne prone skin being a teenager suffering quite bad from this.

So you start off with the cleanser which is a gel formula, so doesn't spill everywhere when you squeeze it out, a little goes a long way which is why I like gel cleansers, I found it a like drying for me, but for my daughters oily acne skin it's amazing, left her 
skin feeling squeaky clean which she loved.  This is 
designed for oily skin prone to breakouts and works best for this skin.

 The Clarifying Toner next in the kit you use after 
cleansing, I'd pour some on my cotton pad and 
sweep over my face to remove any dirt or grime left on my face, which doesn't help those pesky spots they love oil and dirt, my daughter tended to use this round her nose and her forehead where her spots were worse and it helped dry them up, I don't have spots often on my face much now, but for some reason i do get them on my neck which I find gross for me, I think some hormonal changes are going on GROSS, but this has helped dry mine up a bit, again can be a bit drying on the skin but I would expect this to happen I'd rather have my skin dried up a little than spots.

And then onto the little gem that is the Anti-blemish cream, now something my skin does have is brown marks and sometimes a bit of redness, so I hid this from my daughter and used it just myself, don't tell her, and I'm smitten, it's got rid of nasty marks and little red blemishes I have, and I swear it's faded out my brown marks a bit. 

All in all a fab little kit can be a little drying but a small price to pay to get rid of spots and other skin nasties.  This kit is available from 

*pr sent for review.