Sunday, 2 November 2014

People who's style I love and my inspiration

Hey guys I don't know if you have inspirations or people you admire for many reasons, I have a few obviously I admire people who raise money for 

charities etc but in celeb terms I have two style 
icons, I don't want to be like them or copy them after all I think I may struggle to fit in their clothes oooops but these are the reason I like them.

1. Victoria Beckham

So why do I like her, well she was my fav Spice Girl, I didn't think she sung too well but I loved her classic bob and her style, I like how she's changed her style through the years and I liked how she's carried on despite having four children.  I know she gets criticised for everything but she could just sit at home with her handsome husband and do lunch, but she's carried on doing things she loves.  Don't get me wrong she's had some dodgy hairstyles and the infamous has she or not (boob job) but I like now how she's kept her style simple to what suits and she 

looks happy in her own skin.  People will have 
opinions but in my books she's cool.

2. Olivia Palermo 

I really like Olivia's style so it's not so much about her as a person or anything like that.  I used to watch The City with Whitney Port who was in The Hills, she didn't come across too well in that, but I think it may have been edited to come across like that anyway.  But as far as fashion makeup and hair goes her look is flawless.  I've never seen her with a dodgy hairstyle dodgy outfit or the look of last nights makeup.  Maybe she should show herself a bit less perfect like running to the shop in her pyjamas but maybe for her that would be fate worse than death. But in true stylish terms she's right up there.

Who do you look to for makeup and style.