Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New year goals: 2015

I'm trying not to focus so much on resolutions but more goals as do we really stick to resolutions anyway. I know some people do and I do till the middle of January but after that I don't.

So my plan for next year is following the H's.

Bet your thinking what the HELL is she on about well read on.

1.  (H) HONESTY I'm going to carry on being a honest person in as much as I can, whether it's with my blog or other ways: being honest in a nice way is the best policy.

2. (H) HEALTHY  I'm going to try my best and eat and be as healthy as I can, I eat too much crap and need to move my back side much more.

3. (H) HUMBLE I haven't got any reason to be big headed and I'm not cos I'm very average in everything, but I'm thankful for everything I have as when you think what some people have or don't have, you have to be grateful for everything no matter how big or small.

4. (H) HARDWORKING I'm quite hard working generally anyway, but I want to step it right up in 2015 and push myself as far as I can go and be satisfied with it.  It might not make sense but I'd love to read this back in a year and be able to tick it off my list.

5. (H) HAPPY This one is the most important so I should have put it first.  Happiness is the single most important thing I could wish for.  Lots of things every day make me smile inside and out and I think being happy is the best thing ever. I hope next year that I make people happy (that I want to) and I feel happy to.

See you next year xx 

Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas blues or not

This isn't going to be a miserable post 

as I'm focusing on all things good and hoping for a brilliant 2015.

I had a really good Christmas and my 3 kids had loads of lovely presents and they were really appreciative which was most important. I think like lots of people I stressed myself out quite a bit with making sure everyone else is happy I've woken up with loads of ulcers in my mouth but hey so what it's the holidays.

I hope everyone had a lovely time and enjoyed spending time with their loved ones and families.

I'm excited about next year so much got lots of exciting things on the horizon and focusing on all positives.

Sorry about the dark picture but first bottle to ever have in this house a bottle of Moet I don't even want to open it.

Laura xx

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Three things I love about my favourite city

It's not a Christmas post so you may read it and say hooray as I think we are all on Christmas overload either presents gift guides etc, and I'm feeling 
a bit guilty about people who are not so fortunate and how lucky we should all feel.  Anyway I was contacted recently and asked what my favourite city is.  I had to really think about this one if I'm honest as it's not an easy one I love loads of cities as going to some leaves you with different memories.

So which one have I chosen well I chose I've chosen Cardiff. 

The reason I've done this is because it's my current home town and I'm learning to appreciate what's so near to me.

Cardiff has loads to offer with new re developments such as shopping, and restaurants it's starting to look like a really classy city. 

Not only does Cardiff have all this but 

there's a castle right in the centre that 

you can visit.  Museums and Cardiff City Football Club are all in close proximity.  
It's only when friends come to Wales and you take them to Cardiff and they comment how lovely it is do you appreciate what you have. 

If you want to enter this competition to say what you favourite city is go and enter to

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Benefit christmas set

How amazing is this gift set I picked up in Boots by accident yesterday.

I went in to pick up some presents for family and friends and this gift set was by the till.  How could I not get it.

When I bought it the man at the till said the store had, had 90 in and they had sold out in half an hour, the only reason this was left was because it was bought in error by a customer and she didn't want two.

Someone in my radar is going to be lucky I think.  Wish it was me ha ha 


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

All you need this Christmas is RED

Sunday, 7 December 2014

My favourite concealer Nars Radiant Creamy concealer

I'm a big fan of concealers as they hide all my nasties, whoever created or thought of them is a genius.  

But with lots of different concealers in the shops it looks like a right minefield choosing which one is right for you.

Obviously a lot of choice comes down to your budget and personal preference.

So what do you look for when choosing consistency shade durability or all of these?

I'm not going to lie I wouldn't have bought the Nars concealer if I hadn't have read so many good reviews of it because for a non friendly purse price of £18 I wasn't going to shell that out if it wasn't worth it.

The consistency of this concealer is amazing, it lives up to its creamy name, I'm not sure how radiant it made me, but I found rubbing it under under my eyes amazing, it sunk in really well and didn't leave me like a panda at the end of the day, it's good for covering blemishes spots and redness. 

It's going to be a permanent fixture in my makeup bag love it.

Laura x

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas party fashion ideas

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Cardiff winter wonderland

Cardiff winter wonderland is fab, as probably is any winter wonderland, but obviously this is my home town one.

You walk in from the cold to a little bubble feeling, with stalls cooking hots dogs, hot drinks it's all there.

I had pre booked Ice skating, so tried to stay away from the other rides as I'm on a budget grrrrr.

Sad to say this was my first time ice skating so whilst I was watching the skaters skating away before our turn I felt a bit nervous well sick actually.

You know all the bad stuff that happens to Bridget Jones well that's me.

Anyway got on the ice with the help of a little penguin to help for my littlest boy, well he was hysterical even with the penguin he was doing the splits, I tried not to laugh too much as I thought this could be me soon in a minute.

My other two were scared for one lap of the rink, but then I didn't see them again as they were like Torvil and Dean then.  

I didn't fall over but need a lot more practise

Cough cough


Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas at my house

You may have guessed I LOVE Christmas and it wouldn't be complete with lots of lovely trinket type things.  
The more the merrier, this is only a small selection of bits I would have about 65 posts all on Christmas accessories if I put them all on so I've just done a few. 

If I had a huge house I would love a little grotto room I think that would be so cool, I'd have ice sculptures fake snow it would all be in there.

But whilst I haven't I love all the little bits I've got.

Do you like a Christmas decorating your house.