Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Cardiff winter wonderland

Cardiff winter wonderland is fab, as probably is any winter wonderland, but obviously this is my home town one.

You walk in from the cold to a little bubble feeling, with stalls cooking hots dogs, hot drinks it's all there.

I had pre booked Ice skating, so tried to stay away from the other rides as I'm on a budget grrrrr.

Sad to say this was my first time ice skating so whilst I was watching the skaters skating away before our turn I felt a bit nervous well sick actually.

You know all the bad stuff that happens to Bridget Jones well that's me.

Anyway got on the ice with the help of a little penguin to help for my littlest boy, well he was hysterical even with the penguin he was doing the splits, I tried not to laugh too much as I thought this could be me soon in a minute.

My other two were scared for one lap of the rink, but then I didn't see them again as they were like Torvil and Dean then.  

I didn't fall over but need a lot more practise

Cough cough