Sunday, 21 December 2014

Three things I love about my favourite city

It's not a Christmas post so you may read it and say hooray as I think we are all on Christmas overload either presents gift guides etc, and I'm feeling 
a bit guilty about people who are not so fortunate and how lucky we should all feel.  Anyway I was contacted recently and asked what my favourite city is.  I had to really think about this one if I'm honest as it's not an easy one I love loads of cities as going to some leaves you with different memories.

So which one have I chosen well I chose I've chosen Cardiff. 

The reason I've done this is because it's my current home town and I'm learning to appreciate what's so near to me.

Cardiff has loads to offer with new re developments such as shopping, and restaurants it's starting to look like a really classy city. 

Not only does Cardiff have all this but 

there's a castle right in the centre that 

you can visit.  Museums and Cardiff City Football Club are all in close proximity.  
It's only when friends come to Wales and you take them to Cardiff and they comment how lovely it is do you appreciate what you have. 

If you want to enter this competition to say what you favourite city is go and enter to